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Employment Credit Report

Credit reports can be a valuable tool for assessing applicants who may occupy a position where business needs dictate a history of financial responsibility.

Universal Background Screening offers Pre-Employment Credit Reports from both Experian and TransUnion. An Employment Credit Report differs from a traditional credit report, in that it is tailored for use in an employment situation. For example, it does not include account numbers, nor does the "pull" count against the applicant's credit score.

Experian Employment Insight Report

The Employment Insight Report from Experian enhances
traditional employment decision making tools by providing credit information which would not normally appear on an application, but may have an impact on job performance. Credit information provides insight into an applicant’s responsibility toward his/her
obligations, and integrity and ability to fulfill financial obligations. The report includes the applicant's credit history, providing an objective overview of how financial obligations are handled over a period of time.

Sample Experian Employment Insight Credit Report

TransUnion PEER® (Pre-Employment Evaluation Report)

The PEER Report from TransUnion gives you a completely unbiased account of a potential candidate’s financial background
information. It helps you assess the candidate’s financial
responsibility by showing a complete credit history. PEER traces the person’s credit history. PEER can then help you identify those applicants who are potentially financially overextended
or on the brink of problems that could adversely affect their performance on the job. It could signal a pattern of transiency or instability, as well as an inability to meet obligations.

Sample TransUnion PEER Credit Report

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